Laura @ The Engine Room Portumna


I joined the gym with my now husband several years ago. To say that it was hard at the start would be a gross understatement. I hated the gym! I felt self conscious, awkward and dreadfully unfit. I thought it would never get better, my husband being the motivating git he is, was constantly encouraging me but it was the constant support and advice that I got from Sarah and Steve that really helped me. I started spinning and circuit classes, my husband joined the gym and did his own work outs. Gradually and with habit forming practices ( I tried to get in at least a few classes a week, now its a habit I'll gladly not break) I gradually increased my fitness and with it I can say I really regained my confidence, I don't know if others are like me but when you don't look your best or maybe your clothes are too tight, it can really effect how you walk into a room and have a relentless negative effect on your overall happiness. I have had private sessions with Steve also which included work outs and dietary advice and this has moved me forward again. There is a firmness to Steve's approach that brings about results. There is an expectation that you will complete the task given to you, you don't question whether you can do it you just do it! I have always marveled that it never crossed his mind that I couldn't do it! Cause I constantly doubt myself so when you have someone that believes you can do it makes the whole process so much easier.

Laura. Feb, 2020.